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Sadiatec Smartpit /Sadiatec web Card

Old system:
User name : Register Telephone number / or Serial number
Password: Card ID

New system:
User name : User name same as before
Password: Card ID

For example:
User name : SDT2-******* / 080
Password: *************
Smartpit Card
Coustomer center Mob:090-1767-4488(Softbank) Tel:03-3255-5861
subarashi card from iphone/Android/Web
India now 35 hours ***
J Mobile India 1080min (18 Hours)
Sadiatec Mobile India 1200min
(20 Hours)
J Mobile Bangladesh 600min (10 Hours)
Sadiatec Mobile Bangladesh 660min
(11 Hours)

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Important Notice

New Non Free Number Old Non Free Number
0350506021 0345893500 Sadiatec Smartpit & All smartpit
0350506022 0345893505 Ring2phone Smarpit
0350506023 0345893506 Rose Family-New Sky tree
0350506024 0345893507 Gomti Calling-2
0350506025 0345893508 Subarashii group
0350506026 0345893509 Ring2phone/Subashii/ How to registered

Sadiatec Webphone

Sadiatec iPhone


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Message of President & CEO :
Md Sanaul Haque
President & CEO
Welcome to Sadiatec Co., Ltd.
At Sadiatec Co., Ltd. our long-standing legacy and success have been built on principles of good corporate governance, sound ethics, strong integrity and respect. We work for mutual benefits. Our honorable Board of Directors is charged with supervision Sadiatec's management and employees to ensure that they perform in the long-term best interest of our business and shareholders. The Board's essential function, governance policies, guiding principles and practices have been specified in its Corporate Governance Guidelines. These guidelines reflect the Board's ongoing commitment to maximizing the effectiveness of policy and decision-making at both the Board and senior management levels. Sadiatec's employees are all expected to conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical standards reinforced in our Code of Ethics. These principles apply to every location in which we do business around the world, as well as to every employee, officer, director and member of our Board of Directors. We aim to provide smart and modern services in Telecommunication. Indeed we are very much successful already in this ground of business. Maintaining these highest standards of governance, integrity, responsibility and accountability is important to our continued long-term growth and success. These are the values on which Sadiatec Co., Ltd was built and that will continue to drive us moving forward.