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Sadiatec Smartpit /Sadiatec web Card

Old system:
User name : Register Telephone number / or Serial number
Password: Card ID

New system:
User name : User name same as before
Password: Card ID

For example:
User name : SDT2-******* / 080
Password: *************
Smartpit Card
Coustomer center Mob:090-1767-4488(Softbank) Tel:03-3255-5861
subarashi card from iphone/Android/Web
India now 35 hours ***
J Mobile India 1080min (18 Hours)
Sadiatec Mobile India 1200min
(20 Hours)
J Mobile Bangladesh 600min (10 Hours)
Sadiatec Mobile Bangladesh 660min
(11 Hours)

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Important Notice

New Non Free Number Old Non Free Number
0350506021 0345893500 Sadiatec Smartpit & All smartpit
0350506022 0345893505 Ring2phone Smarpit
0350506023 0345893506 Rose Family-New Sky tree
0350506024 0345893507 Gomti Calling-2
0350506025 0345893508 Subarashii group
0350506026 0345893509 Ring2phone/Subashii/ How to registered

Sadiatec Webphone

Sadiatec iPhone


our dialer
Sadiatec Smartpit Calling Cards :
Sadiatec Smartpit Card (2000 JPY, 3000 JPY, 5000 JPY)
This Telephone Card can be recharged any time at convenience stores.
[Important] Payments are non-refundable.
How to use:
1. Home & Mobile Free : 0120-995-022 Yahoo BB Free: 050-1601-8880
Public Free : 0120-995-044 ( Tokyo) NTT IP Free : 050-3771-9778
Non Free : 03-5539-2200 KDDI Free : 050-3116-7333
Web Phone :  
Mobile Free : au : 0053-4921+ Country Code + Area Code + Telephone No.
2. Language : Follow the voice guidance.
3. Card No #
4. Country Code + Area Code + Telephone No. #
Phone Number And Language Registration:
image Dial any access number
image Select your language
image Enter your Card No. and press #
image Please Press *1#, when you are announced the phone number
image You will be heard your phone number
image Press 1
Now, enter destination number +#
Note: To dial a different number, just press ##.