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Sadiatec Smartpit /Sadiatec web Card

Old system:
User name : Register Telephone number / or Serial number
Password: Card ID

New system:
User name : User name same as before
Password: Card ID #

For example:
User name : SDT2-******* / 080
Password: ************* #
Smartpit Card
Coustomer center Mob:090-1767-4488(Softbank) Tel:03-3255-5861
subarashi card from iphone/Android/Web
India now 60 hours ***

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Important Notice

Dear valuable customers of Sadiatec mobile 1500 plan and J mobile, Sadiatec Japan Dialer

We are sorry to inform you that our service on 2014/04/16 from 2:00 AM~ 7:00 AM will be temporarily stopped for some maintenance. So we would like to ask for you cooperation during this period.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience you face during the time.

If you face any kind of problems, please call us our customer support no. Tel: 03-3255-5861, SB 09084634340, 09017674488, 09099546176

Sadiatec Webphone

Sadiatec iPhone


our dialer
Sadiatec Smartpit Calling Cards :
Sadiatec Smartpit Card (2000 JPY, 3000 JPY, 5000 JPY)
This Telephone Card can be recharged any time at convenience stores.
[Important] Payments are non-refundable.
How to use:
1. Home & Mobile Free : 0120-995-022 Yahoo BB Free: 050-1601-8880
Public Free : 0120-995-044 ( Tokyo) NTT IP Free : 050-3771-9778
Non Free : 03-5539-2200 KDDI Free : 050-3116-7333
Web Phone :  
Mobile Free : au : 0053-4921+ Country Code + Area Code + Telephone No.
2. Language : Follow the voice guidance.
3. Card No #
4. Country Code + Area Code + Telephone No. #
Phone Number And Language Registration:
image Dial any access number
image Select your language
image Enter your Card No. and press #
image Please Press *1#, when you are announced the phone number
image You will be heard your phone number
image Press 1
Now, enter destination number +#
Note: To dial a different number, just press ##.