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Sadiatec is a major international provider of Telecommunication Products and customwritingservice olutions. Among others, we are also involved in Internet-based Market Platforms, Export-Import, IT Personnel Recruitment, Publishing, Apparel manufacturing and NPO. Our major clients and technology partners include NTT, KDDI, Softbank, Telstra and Telecom Malaysia. We were established in 2005, and have offices in Japan, Malaysia and Bangladesh.




Corporate Name:    Sadiatec Co., Ltd
Established:    April 7, 2005
Capital:    30,000,000 Yen
President and CEO:    Md. Sanaul Haque
Yearly Revenues:    Approx. 500,000,000 Yen
Business Description:    IT & telecommunications, Export-Import & Miscellaneous
Major Market Segment:    Foreign communities in Japan
Major Business Partners:   KDDI Corporation, SoftBank Telecom, NTT Communications, Verizon Business, Malaysia Telecom (TM), TATA Telecom and others.






Below are some highlights of our current products & services:



  • International Calling Cards (both Prepaid and Rechargeable).
  • Worldwide Coverage.
  • VOIP-based infrastructure utilizing the latest technologies.
  • Software Dialers available for PC and Mobile devices (iOS, Android and Symbian).
  • High-quality voice reception and transmission.
  • Lowest Call Rates that are updated frequently.
  • Moderate Retail Pricing (from 1,500 to 3,000 Yen).
  • Millions of customers served since 2005.
  • Popular Cards: Ring2Phone (SmartPit), Subarashi, Sadia Card (SmartPit) and Ninki, among others.



  • The most affordable phone service in Japan.
  • Postpaid Services (starting as low as 1500 Yen/month).
  • Primary Target Market: Foreigners living in Japan (with a visa of 90 days or above).
  • No minimum usage period. No cancellation fees.
  • Simple registration process.
  • Customer Support available in English, Japanese, Bengali, Hindi, Nepali and Vietnamese.



  • Mobile Internet Rental Service.
  • Best for Tourists, Students and visiting Businessmen.
  • Integrated with Smartpit Recharge system.
  • Unlimited Data Package (theoretically 70GBs per month).
  • Affordable Rental Fee (5,000 Yen per month).
  • Country-wide Network Coverage.
  • Simple Registration Process



  • Online Trade and Promotions Referral Site (for introducing customers to businesses).
  • Find offers and promotions and save money on day-to-day purchases.
  • Shop from PC and mobile devices (iOS and Android).
  • Get real-time notifications based on user location via GPS.
  • Get support to create online presence (for businesses without an online shop).
  • Shop in several foreign languages (ongoing).
  • Simple monthly fee-based revenue model.
  • Integrated SNS activities and analytic features for merchants (ongoing).
  • Effective support mechanisms (e.g. Live Chat) for both merchants and end-users (ongoing).



  • Sourcing and supplying Experienced Human Resources within the IT Field.
  • Broad range of IT professions represented (Graphics Design, Animation, Web & Software Development etc.).
  • Broad range of industries represented (Banking, Retail, Gaming, Animation, ERP etc.).
  • Professionals possess Japanese Language Proficiency.



  • Conducting import/export and trading from Bangladesh, Malaysia and Japan.
  • Focusing mainly on Agricultural Produce, Farming Machinery, Apparel, Cosmetics and Health Care Products, Construction Equipment, Used Vehicles, Industrial Machinery & parts, and Medical Equipment, among others.
  • Conducting sourcing activities in Japan for international buyers.
  • Conducting sourcing activities in Bangladesh and Malaysia for Japanese buyers.



  • A monthly variety magazine targeted towards foreigners (from the Indian Subcontinent).
  • Content Language: 80-90% Bengali, 10% English & others.
  • Online and Offline Editions available.
  • Distributed for free in Japan, Malaysia and Bangladesh.
  • Average monthly readership is about 30,000 people.



  • A registered non-governmental agency in Japan.
  • Financed from the donations of active members (Activities in Japan).
  • Providing medical services to pregnant rural women, to avoid death during child-birth (Activities in Bangladesh).
  • Providing medical services to children who suffer from hunger, malnutrition and disease (Activities in Bangladesh).
  • Conducting relief activities in flood affected areas (Activities in Bangladesh).
  • Providing education services for women and children in rural areas (Activities in Bangladesh).
  • Providing Job and employment skills training services for the youth in rural areas (Activities in Bangladesh).
  • Introducing Bangladeshi Food, Language, Folk Music and other cultural aspects to Japanese people (Activities in Japan).








Md. Sanaul Haque

President & CEO

Welcome! At Sadiatec Co., Ltd. our long-standing legacy and success have been built on principles of good corporate governance, sound ethics, strong integrity and respect. We work for mutual benefits. Our honorable Board of Directors is charged with supervision Sadiatec’s management and employees to ensure that they perform in the long-term best interest of our business and shareholders. The Board’s essential function, governance policies, guiding principles and practices have been specified in its Corporate Governance Guidelines. These guidelines reflect the Board’s ongoing commitment to maximizing the effectiveness of policy and decision-making at both the Board and senior management levels. Sadiatec’s employees are all expected to conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical standards reinforced in our Code of Ethics. These principles apply to every location in which we do business around the world, as well as to every employee, officer, director and member of our Board of Directors. We aim to provide smart and modern services in Telecommunication. Indeed we are very much successful already in this ground of business. Maintaining these highest standards of governance, integrity, responsibility and accountability is important to our continued long-term growth and success. These are the values on which Sadiatec Co., Ltd was built and that will continue to drive us moving forward. Thank you for your continued interest and support!





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