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How Does it Work?

The Data SIM is a standalone SIM Card that can be used in any unlocked / SIM-Free device that utilizes mobile networks, to enjoy internet services over a certain area. Its network speed and signal availability depend on the user’s current location. In an area with strong signal strength, the network switches to LTE mode. Conversely, in areas of weaker signal strength, it will operate on 3G or 2G networks. Currently, the coverage area extends to all of Japan. Apart from mobile phones, this SIM can also be used in Tablet PCs and certain portable gaming devices (e.g. Play Station Vita).

The Data SIM is paired with a Sadiatec Smart Pit Card (provided free of charge). The Smart Pit Payment System (of NTT Co. Ltd.) allows the user to charge the card balance 24-hours a day, from an affiliated Smart Pit service provider. It is available in some of the major convenient stores in Japan (such as Lawson, Family Mart, Circle K, SunKus, Three-F and Mini Stop). To keep the service active, the subscriber must recharge their cards by the 20th day of each month.


Smart Pit



Japanese Mobile Number (Optional Service)

This Data SIM card can also be paired to a Japanese mobile number (050-XXX-XXXX). This is an IP phone number that allows the subscriber to make and receive phone calls. This feature is very useful for Students, Job-Seekers, Businessmen and Tourists alike. The call charges are deducted from your Sadiatec Smart Pit Card, delivered during the registration process. Please charge this card before making any calls.


Related Costs:

  1. Registration Fee (One-Time) = ¥5,000
  2. Line Rent Fee =  ¥10 per Day



  1. Apply and pay for the Sadiatec Data SIM card + Mobile Number Optional Service.
  2. Download the “Net Call” App (available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store).
  3. Setup your mobile device. Directions provided during registration.
  4. Begin calling & receiving calls.




Price Information


Our price list for the Data SIM (including optional service) is mentioned below. Please note that prices are subject to change, and availability may vary from time-to-time.



Note: Depending on your data package price, you must recharge your card by the 20th of each month.




Payment Information

Please make all funds payable to:

Japan Post Bank
Account No. 10030-43209071
Payee: Sadiatec Co. Ltd.

Upon receiving all the necessary information and payment, we shall make all necessary arrangements.

The client will be notified via email (or through phone calls if required) at all stages of the process.




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