Ring 2 Phone Rechargeable International Calling Card


Product Description

The card cannot be used directly. It needs to be activated by charging from a convenient store.

Recharge Amount

Smartpit Recharge Location
This card has Smartpit Recharge facility. You can recharge is 24-hours-a-day from any of the mentioned Convenience Stores, all over Japan. (Family Mart, Lawson, Sunkus, Circle-K, Mini Stop and Three F).

Call Rates
Please refer to this page for the latest Call Rates.

Calling Method
When making a call directly from any telephone, please use one of the access numbers mentioned on the card. When using a smartphone, you can call more cheaply by downloading and installing the “Smart Call” app from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android). Also you can call from a PC by installing the appropriate dialer application from this page.

Minimum Order Quantity
5 pieces.


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