Sadiatec 3000 Smartpit

Sadiatec 3000 Rechargeable International Calling Card


Product Description

Product Description
This Item is NOT for Sale. We supply it for free. Please feel free to order and distribute amongst your friends!

Product Type
Smartpit Rechargeable Calling Card.

The card cannot be used directly. It needs to be activated by charging from a convenient store.

Recharge Amount

Smartpit Recharge Location
This card has Smartpit Recharge facility. You can recharge is 24-hours-a-day from any of the mentioned Convenience Stores, all over Japan. (Family Mart, Lawson, Sunkus, Circle-K, Mini Stop and Three F).

Call Rates
Please refer to this page for the latest Call Rates.

Calling Method
When making a call directly from any telephone, please use one of the access numbers mentioned on the card. When using a smartphone, you can call more cheaply by downloading and installing the “Sadiatec Japan” app from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android). Also you can call from a PC by installing the appropriate dialer application from this page.

Minimum Order Quantity
5 pieces.

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