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We are providing High-Quality IT Professionals from Bangladesh, FOR FREE !

Bangladesh is a rapidly developing country, with a large pool of qualified IT human resources. They are involved in both local and international projects. Depending on your company requirements, we can source the best IT professionals, with talent and experience. Please contact us today to find out what we can offer.




Sadiatec offers recruitment services to some of the largest Japanese and multinational companies in Tokyo. Our efforts enable our clients to plan, execute and manage all kinds of IT Projects. We work very closely with all stakeholders to create the right mix of internal staff and outside consultants, that drive enthusiasm, purpose, profitability and growth. Our solutions are designed to match your company culture and organizational goals, in order to create a harmonious outcome.


Recruitment Services




We assist our clients to find the right personnel, in the following industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Software & Web Development
  • Financial Services
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Transportation & Utilities

We are aware of the internal workings within each industry, and our staff can provide a unique perspective to aid you in your talent-hunting efforts.




We assist in the IT recruitment processes of small, medium and large enterprises. Our expertise spans the following areas:

  • Software & Web Development and Engineering
  • Database Design, Development and Administration
  • Network Engineering and Administration
  • Enterprise Systems Analysis and Integration
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Help Desk and Technical Support

We have access to high-level engineers, programmers, technicians and administrative staff, from some of the emerging markets in Asia, who can assist you to streamline your operations.


IT Developer Recruitment
We can assist you to find top quality experts for C++, Java, C#, and also developers possessing other high-level scripting skills. Some of the roles we can assist you with are: Game Developer, iPhone and Android Developer, Flash Developer, Oracle Developer, Python Developer, Access Developer, Cold Fusion Developer, PERL Developer and many more.

IT Support Recruitment
Finding high quality people for a support role can be quite challenging. We can assist you by focusing on your requirements and providing you individuals with creativity and drive. Among the roles we can cater to are: Application Support Specialists, Database Administrators, Business Analysts, Entry Level IT Support Staff, Help Desk Analysts, IT Support Analysts, Network Engineers, Windows Administrators and other IT Support roles.

IT Management Recruitment
A good IT management staff is invaluable in terms of the organization’s profit maximization and cost savings goals. We can offer you with human resources that can provide the necessary direction, strategic leadership, extensive industry knowledge and relevant project management skills. Some of the roles we can assist you with are: Project Manager, IT Director, Quality Assurance Manager, IT Training Manager, Test Manager, Service Delivery Manager, Help Desk Manager, Development Manager and Change Manager.

Specialist IT Staff Recruitment
Recruiting a top-level specialist for your organization is a special kind of challenge. Very few people have the opportunity and experience in the right environment. We will be able to assist you in this regard. Roles that we typically support are: Microsoft Dynamics Specialist, Business Intelligence Specialist, Security Specialist, Storage Specialist, Remedy Specialist, SEO Specialist, SAP Specialist, CODA Specialist, Oracle e-Business Specialist and much more.






Apart from IT, we also assist professionals of other functional areas, with career-related advice and placement. Please contact us directly to find out what we have to offer.






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